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Who needs more AWESOME fanart from Eden Hunter…….(image heavy)

As stated by Meiji in a comment to my earlier post “Even Transformers Are SONES”, the artist who produced that fantastic piece of Soshi fanart is none other than Eden Hunter, a die-hard Korean SONE.

Well, as can be seen in the header image to this post, Eden has produced more than 1 piece of Soshi fanart for the enjoyment of SONES all over. His attention to detail is consummate indeed, as evidenced by the little details he has included to differentiate one member of SNSD from another ;).

(Can you guys/gals spot the special attributes that he has added to the illustration above ? Some hints: ByunTae, Keroro Gunsou, Jessica’s star.)

Personally, I think the choice of weapon types chosen for each of the ladies is most appropriate, to say the least :D. If I’m not mistaken, the costume concept depicted is from one of the ladies’ Genie live performances.

Anyway, I’ve included more fanart from the artist’s talented hands for the entertainment of SONES on this site. Enjoy !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: http://yhn007.egloos.com