– Updated with fancams & more rehearsal pictures (-ferrerorocher9)

– Updated with Hoot & Gee performances.

As reported earlier, SNSD will be performing at the promotional concert in the bid for PyeongChang to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. After their Music Station performance in Japan last night, the girls are back in Korea and reportedly will perform ‘Hoot!‘ and ‘Gee‘. The concert will air on KBS today at 7pm KST, this post will be updated when footage is available.

Hit the jump for performances, fantaken rehearsal pictures and more!



A few fantaken pictures from the rehearsal have surfaced.

Some fancams:

(*COUGH TAENY @ 0:56 <3)

Also a few pictures of Jess and Yoong at the airport…

In light of tomorrow being the ‘brightest day of the year‘ aka Sunny’s birthday. 🙂  If you have a twitter account…

Its still hours away from the appointed trending time but SONEs have already bumped up ‘Lee Soonkyu’ to #2 on twitter’s worldwide trends. 😀 Keep it up!

Lastly, Sunshiners have left a birthday banner for Sunny outside the SM building. 😀

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