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 Our dear Yoona has decided to show some Soshi Eco love for Jeju Island :D.

Yoona, angelic member of SNSD and the iconic face of Innisfree beauty products recently revealed the latest advertising concept that she is working on in conjunction with Innisfree. Entitled ” Yoona’s Jeju Handkerchief “, it is part of the Eco Hankerchief campaign by the cosmetic company.

In an interview for the campaign, the 2nd in the Eco Hankerchief advertising series, dear Yoona professed her deep love for Jeju Island’s natural beauty and cleanliness. She admitted being extremely proud of her country after filming the Innisfree commercials on the island, especially when compared to some of the other places in the world where she and the other 8 ladies have performed in.

As actions always speak louder than words, Yoona commented in the interview: “I’ll start off this campaign by using handkerchiefs instead of tissues. I hope that everybody can join in and participate in this campaign so that we can keep our natural environment clean and beautiful.”

As such, throughout the month of June, customers spending more than 10,000 won on Innisfree products will receive Eco hankerchiefs autographed by Yoona :).

In addition, Innisfree’s best products “The Green Tea Seed Serum” and “Green Tea Mineral Mist” will be released as limited special editions along with the Eco handkerchiefs that hold Yoona’s kind heart.

This limited edition “The Green Tea Seed Serum” will be available for purchase as a 160 ml bottle, containing double the amount of the original (80 ml).

From June the 1st, 10% of the sales from the limited edition items will be donated for Jeju Olle Road. Thus, purchasing the items alone will not only be beneficial to the health of the customer’s skin, it will also help to reduce the amount of waste products on the Earth’s surface.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a worthwhile cause to support indeed 😉 !

(Plus, we get to receive some really unique and useful Soshi collectibles by doing so :D. Come on, how often do you receive autographed handkerchiefs with your beauty products purchase ?!!)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Nate