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First and foremost, Shoujo Jidai’s official Japanese website and their Universal Music Japan site have recently been updated and teasing that ‘BIG NEWS’ will be released in 3 days.

Could it perhaps be news about their first full Japanese album?

In addition, regarding ‘Mr. Taxi’, looks like the track has not only topped music charts in both Japan and Korea simultaneously, but has also been certified Gold!

Quickly, summarizing ‘Mr. Taxi’ success. As soon after the track was released, it immediately grabbed #1 spot on Japan’s largest mobile ringtone chart, Rekochoku.

It grabbed #1 spot on Korea’s ‘Bugs! Real Time Chart’ the same day.

On the first day, more than 40,000 copies of their Japanese 3rd single were sold, taking 2nd on Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart with 40,194 copies (just a bit behind Jang Keun Seok’s ‘Let Me Cry’, which was #1 with 56,923 copies).

(Compared to their 2nd Single, ‘Gee’, which recorded 28,838 copies sold on its first day, their 3rd single had sold at least 10,000 more)

After 3 days, ‘Mr. Taxi’ topped Japan’s Oricon chart.

Their new single secured #1 on April 29th with a total of 73,914 copies sold in 3 days.

Day 1 – 40,194 copies (2nd)
Day 2 – 21,283 copies (2nd)
Day 3 – 12,437 copies (1st)

Back in Korea, their track continued to dominate music weekly charts, including Daum Music’s Weekly Chart.

Despite no promotional activities in Korea, ‘Mr. Taxi’ topped Daum Music’ Weekly Chart (April 24th to April 30th), landed 6th on Bugs!’s weekly chart (April 24th to April 30th), and 10th on Dosirak’s weekly chart (April 25th to May 1st).
In just a week, ‘Mr. Taxi’ sold 100,000 copies.

Reportedly, ‘Mr.Taxi’ sales reached the 100,000 marks and compared to their previous singles, it took the shortest amount of time after release.

Shortly after, ‘Mr.Taxi’ grabbed #1 on Japan’s Billboard Top 100 Weekly Chart.

And just yesterday, ‘Mr.Taxi’ has been certified Gold.

After surpassing sales of 100,000 copies in one week, ‘Mr.Taxi’ has been certified Gold by Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

Let’s all congratulate the girls on both their new track and new single’s success and let’s look forward to what ‘BIG NEWS’ they have for us on the 16th (;

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