UPDATE 05/04/11: It’s been exactly one week since the release of “Mr. Taxi”, and the single has already sold over 100,000 copies, making it the fastest selling Shoujo Jidai release since their debut in Japan, back in September of last year.

Both versions of the PV have also surpassed the 2 million views mark on YouTube! Keep adding to the count by watching them here and here.

The single is currently number 1. on Japan’s Billboard Top 100 Weekly Chart.

UPDATE 04/30/11: For those of you keeping score,  “Mr. Taxi” is currently the number 1. song on Japan’s Oricon Daily Singles Chart, and has been so since yesterday. It’s also the most downloaded song on  iTunes, Japan.

On the day of its official release, “Mr. Taxi” has already claimed the number one spot on Japan’s Recochoku mobile ringtone chart, and is expected to make a huge splash on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart/Weekly Chart as well (it is currently 2nd on Oricon Daily).

And even though the single was not Korean, and is not marketed specifically towards audiences outside of Japan; it has still managed to be number one on Korea’s Bugs! real-time digital chart.

So there you have it, “Mr. Taxi” dominates the charts of two different countries simultaneously within one day of release!

Oh, and if you haven’t already contributed to the massive number of views the PV is receiving, then do so now, and if you already have… Watch it again!

Credit: fanwonder.com