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Let’s define short.


1. Abounding in sunshine; exposed to, lighted, or warmed by the direct rays of the sun

You know who gets strength from the sun? Superman.

And you know who the sun gets strength from? Sunny. Therefore, Superman is indirectly powered by So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Lee Soon-kyu, and also a sone at heart – irregardless of whether or not he wants to be one. It’s not a choice.

With the ability to light up a room the world, she is not much different than that fiery ball of gases 1.512×10^8 km away from our lovely planet.  Whether it be her Tiffany-like eye smile, her enthusiastic attitude, or her soul-crushing aegyo, this girl is bright, and it shows in the eyes of those around her – because they’re obviously in love with the kid.

2. When the strength of an entity is inversely proportional to its size
e.g.) It is said that ants have sunny strength.

Being a member of G7, the shortest sister in Soshi has run through a variety of side jobs both on and off Invincible Youth. Having her strength showcased in variety shows and fancams, she is not only physically potent, but also has the courage of a… Sunny for a great KOmbination that comes in a tiny package with lots of punch.

Chicken, snake, cow, mudfish, and bear handler? – check.

Bungee Jumping? – check.

Kim Taeyeon’s bodyguard (i.e. one that guards Taeng’s body…) – check.


3. Aegyo Queen; an individual that is skilled in the mastery of aegyo.

Something that certainly couldn’t be left out in the definition of Sunny, is of course the title Aegyo queen. Cuter than a bunny, Sunny has the power to conquer countries and destroy worlds with a storm of.. rainbows or something. It’s like.. you want to punch her, or kick her, or beat her with a stick, but at the same time.. how can you bring yourself to attack something so cute?

Besides, you know you’d definitely lose in a fight. What good does it do when you’re just standing there in awe?

4. Park Sun Young (aka Hyomin)’s Pillow, Napkin, Pillar of Support, and Midnight Snack.
Often confused as Choi Sooyoung’s armrest.

Yes, I’m biased. Together with T-ara’s vocalist that shares the same birthday as our Deer Yoong, they are what I like to call Sun-Screen. HyoSun can be confused with HyoYeon and Sunny, while SunMin can be confused with Sunny and SungMin; two pairings which obviously cannot exist due to the reality that Sunny and Hyomin are dating behind the scenes screens.

As a friend, a co-farmer, and a fellow girl-group idol,  Sunny is someone you’d want to have by your side whether you’re a star or just a kid living halfway around the world. Unfortunately for you, this hero is already taken. Lucky Hyomin!


5. By My Side.

Thanks to ruraldaze for the video:

Song choice was pretty tough. I was torn between English and Korean songs. You know, when you listen to a song and you think “Jackpot!”, and then when you start working on it, it doesn’t seem to really hit the spot anymore? The “oomph” factor is gone. So this would be the most difficult part; the arrangements were easy. My intention was to capture moments from 2007 and 2008 (and a little from 2009) since we’ve all seen a lot more of Sunny from recent years. And since this was pretty much a last-minute thing, I think there are lots more to improve on given more time! It was a pleasure making this video and hopefully I’ve got something lined up for Yoona’s birthday as well (fingers crossed!). Enjoy.

p.s. you might wanna tune your volume down cause I think I screwed up with the volume adjustment. See what works for you 🙂

Happy 23rd Birthday to Lee Soon-Kyu!

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