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It seems that Yuri’s recent diet has become a HOT topic.

I’m sure many of us noticed from yesterday’s performance at KBS’s ‘Input Concert 2011 in Seoul’ that our Black Pearl has gotten a lot skinnier and netizens are no exception as they too have noticed and have been commenting about her new figure.

On online community boards, pictures of Yuri’s before and after ‘diet’ pictures have been compared. The comparisons undeniably depict that her cheeks have become smaller and her body figure slimmer than before.

Seeing the comparisons, blog sites like golias and netizens have commented,

“The agency should feed her better”, “All SNSD members seem to be underweight”, “When did she become so thin?”, “Her V-line is awesome” etc.


Do you guys like or think you’ll like her new look? For me, honestly speaking, when I first saw the performance, I was a bit disturbed that she’s become only skin and bones, but I guess I could get use to it. I just hope she’s healthy and happy (;

For those who want to see photos of her new figure:

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