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Coming this Sunday is our Sunny Bunny’s birthday (Sunday/Sunny? What a coincidence haha). In celebration of her turning 23 in Korea on the 15th, SONEs from the girls’ fancafe, especially Sunshiners, have published an ad on a newspaper ahead of time on the 13th with their birthday messages and greetings to the birthday girl.

A member of the fancafe said, “As Sunny’s birthday, May 15th falls on a Sunday, we decided to publish the ad on May 13th, ahead on the actual day”. On May 7th, the members of the fancafe had also carried out voluntary activities at farms in Yeoju County in Gyeonggi Province.

The members of the fancafe also stated, “We wish that all 9 members of SNSD will always stay healthy. We are looking forward to their great activities in Japan”.

[Quoted from Fanwonder.com]

To note, according to Fanwonder, the word, ‘썬탄절 (SseonTanJeol, which sounds like SeongTanJeol and means ‘Christmas Day’)’, has been floating around on fansites and social network sites, but it actually carries the meaning ‘The special day Sunny was born’.

The ad as well as the effort put in by SONEs for Sunny’s birthday is so sweet. I wish SNSD’s energy pill a happy 23rd birthday ahead of time. Since SKE has a tradition of dedicating a post/posts to celebrate each members birthday near the date, please look forward to Sunny’s birthday post soon.   

Sources: fnnews.com + Fanwonder