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On Vita500’s official website, a bunch of new calendar desktop wallpapers for the month of May, a few smart phone wallpapers, and 2 high quality group photos have been released.

The girls look gorgeous in the photos, I have to say.

Starting off with the calendar wallpapers:

Smart phone wallpapers:

& 2 high quality group photos:

I sense one of the group photos being used for an upcoming new banner!


(A video message from Taeyeon uploaded on Vita500’s official website)


JaeCee here again, defacing yet another post. Converted the calendar wallpapers to widescreen ‘clean’ wallpapers.

Since only 4 members had their calendar wallpapers released, here are some original ones created from the solo shots and the calendar background.

Lastly, a couple hi-res wallies.

Source: Vita500 Official Website + Yurui (LovAEnAi) + cedrych@Youtube