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NEWS:  “UMJ #SNSD official site was updated. They say they are going to release “Mr. TAXI” as Chaku Uta on April 13th” – hiros@twitter

I think I’ll let this clever image do the talking…

Why? Because SNSD SAID SO! First in Korean and then again in Japanese! And it seems S♥NES will finally have a Japanese Run Devil Run music video to add to their collection! \^o^/

And be sure to click below the jump for another surprise!

The teaser for SNSD’s upcoming 1st Japanese single Mr. Taxi has been released! Geez, SM, are you trying to give fans a heart attack? Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think!

After months of virtual inactivity from the girls this news is a goddess-send! ‘Scuse me while I go throw a long-awaited party

sources: hangthienbao2@youtube, soshified@twitter, Ahjumma (´・ω・`)@6theory for the tip, kpopbrotips@tumblr

written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean