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Now that we’ve already had a little sneak preview into the ‘happenings’ of this week’s episode… here’s the rest to satisfy your goguma cravings. 🙂 Although I hate to say it cause I don’t want to admit the truth to myself this IS the 2nd last episode, so enjoy it while you can. *cue sobbing* 😦

On a side note, while filming wrapped up on the 14th, YongSeo “are still there for each other”. 🙂 CN Blue had a press conference earlier today, March 21st, for their first full album “First Step”. When asked questions regarding his other half SeoHyun, YongHwa stated:

At first, Seo Hyun said she’ll come to the press conference to support our new album. But when I mentioned that the event will be more of a guerilla concert with fans, she said she’ll send her heart instead. Even though our pretend marriage is over, we’re still there for each other.


Part 1

Part 2


Part 3


Ep 50 (last episode) preview


Like many of you, I’ve been a “faithful goguma” from the start (watched every episode weekly since the beginning) and am COMPLETELY DEVASTATED that their time on WGM is ending. If I had the time, I would go back and re-watch every YongSeo cut from episode 1 before the final episode airs. 😛 Can you believe that it has already been a year?!


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