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In last week’s episode of MBC’s “We Go Married”, Yonghwa was trying his best to make amends for misplacing Seohyun’s handmade scarf. He felt bad and intended to buy her a new one in Japan, but instead ended up knitting a replacement scarf with his own two hands. When he presented the scarf to his wife, Yonghwa told her that he’d purchased it while in Japan. But Seohyun, noticing the amateur craftsmanship, suspected the scarf was a handmade Jung Yonghwa original. Yonghwa jokingly tried to cover himself by saying, “Am I a person who has so much time on my hands?”

Seohyun later received confirmation that the scarf was handmade for her by Yonghwa through a notebook containing pictures of the knitting process and the completed scarf. It goes without saying that Seohyun was deeply moved by her husband’s sincere heartfelt gesture.


source: fanwonder.com