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+ Added another batch of Vita500 photos (of 6/9 members)

+ Added 9 Vita500 NEW event pictures

High quality versions of Vita500 posters have surfaced, but unfortunately, only 3 members’ –Tiffany’s, Yuri’s, and Yoona’s.

The posters are beautiful. Don’t you think? I demand the rest of the members’ HQ posters!

Fan-taken photos of the actual posters in real life–

9 New Vita500 event pictures:

New Batch:



Fan-taken photos of Vita500 bottles with the girls on them and e-ma candy.

Random but earlier today, I actually went to a Korean supermarket, hoping to find Vita500. They were in stock on the shelves, but the bottles didn’t have the members on them. I live in Massachusetts and was able to find them so if anyone is looking for Vita500, you might be able to find them at a local Korean supermarket. Hopefully, next time I come back, they’ll have the ones with the girls. I’d totally collect them all!

Picture credits: kwangdongpharm@Twitter + yoongislove + silent_scream &c antthinkofaname @Soompi