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With the MBC’s ‘Korean Music Wave In Bangkok‘ set to be held on the 12th, many stars, including the girls, will be attending.  YuTi along with 2PM’s Nickhun will be hosting the event as MCs.

I’m sure many of us are curious about the current setup at the venue since the event is in 2 days.

Though, no pictures of the stage for the event has surfaced, luckily, fans have taken pictures of banners that have been hung up in support for our girls.

Thai fans also put up banners to support SNSD pairings; you can see JeTi, YoonTae, and YoonYul banners in the above picture.

(excuse the randomness)

And of course, Thai fans didn’t forget to support the Yongseo couple either (note: CN BLUE will be attending the event as well).

Don’t forget to check back on SNSDKorean for more updates and possible fancams/pictures! If you get the chance, help vote for the girls at http://variety.mcot.net/mbc/index.php in the Korean Music Wave by clicking on the check mark near the top right corner and then choose ‘Girls’ Generation’ (can be voted repeatedly).

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