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Sawadee krap Thai SONEs.

2011 may just be your year, as SNSD will not only be making one but TWO appearances in your country. First up, Yuri, Yoona, and Sooyoung together with other K-pop idols, will be at the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya, on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January. They will be filming for SBS Korea’s New Year Special, and the hotel is offering room packages for fans who wish to stay under the same roof as their favorite K-pop stars.

And now for the big one… Wait for it… MBC will be hosting a special concert for it’s 50th Anniversary in Bangkok at the Ratchamangkala Stadium on March 12th. The “Korean Music Wave in Bangkok” will play host to over 20 Idol groups including SNSD (YulTi will also be the  MCs), so Thai SONEs make sure you head out to show your love and support for the girls and don’t forget those pink lightsabres and balloons!

Hit the jump for more details on both events.

K-pop Idol at Royal Cliff Hotel Pattaya in Thailand

SBS New Year Special [Korea Program]

17th -19 th January 2011 SBS is bringing K-Idol to film a show at Royal Cliff Pattaya

Exclusive VIP Party for only 50 people to get close to the idol while they’re filming

Those who didn’t get into the VIP party can still watch it from afar

***detail about VIP is wait to be confirmed***

MC: Kim Jae Dong

Artist lists (19 idols, 3-4 more await to be confirmed)

Girl Generation : Yoon Ah & Yuri & Soo Yong
Kara : Kyuri & Goo HaRa
4Minute : Hyun Ah
T-Ara : Hyo Min
AfterSchool : Yoo-I
Secret : Sun Hwa
Sista : Hyo Rin
2am : Sul Ong, Jin Woon
SS501 : Park Jung Min
SuperJunior : Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae
Shinee : On Yoo and Min Ho
FT Island : Hong Ki
CNBlue : Lee Jung Shin

Booking info: http://www.royalclif…ckages/KPOP.jpg

Credit : @khunnooprince

One of the biggest most successful TV Channel from Korea “MBC” has chosen none other than Thailand to host the biggest most privileged concert for MBC’s 50th anniversary. Along with the company Charm Tour and Trade, MBC is going to be hosting the biggest most exclusive concert that will include all the Hallyu stars and all the Boy Bands and Girl Groups that are the best from Korea. This exclusive concert that could fulfill the wishes from all the Fan Clubs all over Asia is finally going to come true in Thailand under the name MBC 50th ANNIVERSARY MUSIC WAVE IN BANGKOK. This concert will be the biggest most exclusive concert ever to be held outside of Korea, there will be more than 20 IDOL groups attending on this very stage at the same time, with more than 4 hours of fun and many other activities included such as:

☆ COS PLAY PARADISE show off your cosplay image which has been inspired by the characters of any online game in Korea.
☆ WALK OF FAME This will be gathering all of the profiles and success of the your biases and will be hosted by MBC
☆ DANCE STREET a street where we will gather ALL of Thailand’s best dancers dancing in style of “cover dance”
☆ THE PLAZA will be the midst of all the sales and trading this includes exchanging gifts and many more.
☆ FAN ZONE will be the zone where all fanclubs meet and gather up to talk about your favorite groups from both Thailand and all the Asian countries.
☆ CONCERT have fun with a NON – STOP concert going on for more than 4 hours with the best idols that you have dreamed to go onto the same stage and perform together.

Artists: SNSD / 2PM / 2AM / MBLAQ / CN Blue / FT Island / SG Wannabe / T-Ara / KARA / After School / Brown Eyed Girls / 4MINUTE / missA / Secret / B2ST / BIGBANG / 2NE1
MCs: Yuri & Tiffany (SNSD) Nickkhun (2PM)
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Showtime: 19.00 – 23.00
Venue : Ratchamangkala Stadium, Bangkok

Press Conference
Date: 12 January 2011
Venue: Paragon/Central World

Ticket Distribution
Selling date: TBA (some time after the press conference)
Prices: 4500 Baht (~150 USD), 3500 Baht (~116 USD), 2500 Baht (~83 USD), 1000 Baht (~33 USD) [estimated prices]

Sources: khunnooprince@twitter, dkpopnews.net, girlsgeneration-th.com

Credits:  nicholas_SNSD@soompi, pur3st0fp4in-@soshified

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidlybit: Did I forget to mention how lucky you Thai K-pop fans are? I am ridiculously jealous! Where I come from we get David Hasselhoff visiting…