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EDIT: It appears that SNSD may not be making an appearance at the “Korean Day” baseball event in Osaka, Japan after all. Although contrary to what was previously reported, S.M. Entertainment expressed via Star News on March 10th, that:

We have not received any request from Oryx’s side regarding SNSD’s participation in the match which involves pitching and batting the first ball of the match, etc.

Looks like Oryx Buffaloes player’s Park Chan-Ho and Lee Seung-Yeop will not have their wishes fulfilled 😦

Source: Star News
Credit: fanwonder.com

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…Because So Nyuh Shi Dae will be there!

Back in December of last year, it was reported that members of one of Japan’s professional baseball teams,  the Orix Buffaloes, had shown a desire for SNSD to throw the opening pitch at one of their games. They even went as far as sending out invites to official SNSD channels, in order to get the girls’ to make an appearance. Well it looks like their wishes have been granted, as SNSD will attend the “Korean Day” event match on the 23rd of April, in Osaka, Japan.

Not only popular amongst the South Korean players of the team (Park Chan-Ho and Lee Seung-Yeop) but the Japanese players as well; SNSD’s appearance is also expected to draw a large number of spectators, as they will be singing the national anthem and pitching/batting the first ball of the game.

The girl’s are no strangers to baseball, so lets finish off with an SNSD+Baseball picture spam:

I have to say, the NINE of them would’ve made one hell of a baseball team!

Source: sportschosun.com

Credit: yurui912@twitter; pictures as tagged.