SNSD ranks numero dos on Japanese magazine Nikkei Entertainment’s list of power groups! (Power and SNSD almost seem synonymous now! Tehe)

The rankings were all listed in this month’s edition of the magazine. Rankings were based off of last year’s album sales, with SNSD selling 121,000 copies! AKB48 came in first with 679,000 copies and Perfume and Kara came in third and fourth respectively.

Hey SONEs, if you haven’t gotten their Japanese albums, help contribute to that number and start buying! 🙂

The impact of Soshi in Japan is quite amazing, from baseball game appearances to soothing your sore throats and even having people mimic your dances! Let’s hope for some more amazing activities in 2011 🙂 Oh and don’t forget about a new Japanese song coming our way!

source; Medical Today via Nate , my.yonghwa.baby@Soompi News