Earlier today, in celebration of her 23rd birthday (Korean age), SONEs from all over the world tweeted and retweeted various birthday messages to our Kid Leader, placing her at number 2 on twitter’s worldwide trending list! Taeyeon then remained in the top 10 throughout the day. Nice one SONEs!!!

Notice how Sooyoung was also trending worldwide today as well! Hit the jump for more.

Also, as they did for Sooyoung, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals and their brand Vita500, tweeted a special birthday greeting along with an adorable picture of Taeyeon, on their official account:

Today is Vita500′s model, Taeyeon’s birthday. She’s pretty, isn’t she? Miss Taeyeon, happy birthday.

Finally, SNSD’s Naver fan cafe Cistus, Daum’s Hwa Soo Eun Hwa, and Taeyeon’s Naver fan cafe Hwaitaeng, placed an advertisement in a Korean sports magazine, in honor of Taeyeon’s birthday:

The message comprises of titles from her solo singles.

As is the norm, whenever SNSD’s fan cafes celebrate one of the girls’ birthdays, they also participate in various donations and/or charity work. For Taeyeon’s birthday, SONEs got together and volunteered at the Child Fund’s headquarters in Chungcheongbuk-do and the Jeonju Jalimwon Center headquarters in Jeollabuk-do. Fan cafe Cistus’ donations and volunteer organizer Kim Soohyun, revealed that:

Although there were many applicants, we had to limit the number of people that could actually participate in the volunteer work. We will work to expand the location and limits of volunteer work in the future to allow more fans to work together.

Lee, an older SNSD fan (samchon fan) at the age of 37, who traveled all the way from Busan to help with the volunteer work at Jeonju, expressed that:

Volunteer work is so fun that I’m slowly getting addicted. I leave after receiving something greater than what I had come to give.

So there you have it. The world celebrates the birthday of a “great leader” through mass support and classy gestures. Hats off to you SONEs, and no doubt Taeyeon will truly appreciate your love and birthday wishes!

Credits: fanwonder.com, ch0sshi@soshified; pictures as tagged.