SONEs, your birthday wishes and kind gestures did not go unnoticed! I’ll let the Kid Leader speak for herself via her UFO:

Annyeong!!! It’s Taeyeon ^^

March 9th!! Every time on my birthday..

All the people who always wish me a happy birthday, I wanted to thank you all^^!!

I think I’ve always been able to have a happy birthday thanks to you all.

Thank you so so much ^^

I know there hasn’t been a chance to meet everyone…

but even from far away I’m always thinking of you!! ^^

Us sonyuhs are all doing well, so don’t worry!!

I’ll be back again!


[태연] 안녕!!! 태연이에요^^
3월 9일!! 바로 저의 생일을 맞이하여 ..
매번 축하해 주시는 분들께 감사의 인사를 드리려구요^^!!
덕분에 항상 행복한 생일을 맞이했던 거 같아요.
정말 정말 감사합니다^^
이번에는 여러분들과 만날 수 있는 기회가..
따로 없었지만 멀리서도 항상 생각하고 있어요!! ^^
저희 소녀들도 잘 지내고 있으니까 걱정 마시구!!
다음에 또 연락할게요!

Awww.. I love you Kim Taeyeon, hope you had a great day!

Credit: oniontaker@soshified