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Not long ago Daum Kids conducted a couple of polls asking users, “Who their favorite girl group was? And “Which idols they thought had the strongest vocals?”

My favorite girl group poll:

The rest of the Top 16 can be found here. Second poll after the jump.

Now it’s no surprise that SNSD would claim first place. This is a question that constantly pops up and the girls’ have consistently taken the lead in such polls, but what I found interesting, and this may just be me, is that this poll was targeted at children and not specifically towards general Daum users. So it’s refreshing to know that lil’ boys and girls love SNSD just as much as we oldies do; not that this should come as much of a surprise either though…

Remember when IU beat out Taeyeon to claim first place in the “female idol with the best vocals” survey, conducted by a limited number of college students? Well this time, the KIDS have spoken, and:

72,000+ kids (presumably there were only kids voting :)) believe that Taeyeon has the strongest vocals out of any K-pop idols male or female, and children have better hearing than adults so they know what they’re talking about alright! They also placed Sica in the Top 5! Check here for the rest of the results.

Congratulations to SNSD, and Taeyeon and Jessica! And thank you junior SONEs for supporting the girls!

Source: http://kids.daum.net/

Credit: ♥♥PowerOf9@soompi