I don’t write these types of posts often..and I despise sounding like a ball of cheese but for an occasion as special as this, I have to write something, right? 😛

If you have no interest in reading about my thoughts towards SNSDKorean and all that ish, feel free to just skip right on over this! I apologize if this isn’t written in a super fancy manner or whatever, but I thought it’d be best to write it in a tone that suits my personality 🙂

Well…3 years. Wow. I don’t know how many times I sit here each day and think to myself, “Do people actually read this blog? Are we actually somewhat known to the SONE world?” It still hasn’t quite hit me yet. What started off as a simple hobby for a 15 year old is now no longer “just a hobby” but a place that I want to try and preserve forever. Not only preserve it, but…make this site not just an ordinary fan site. I want to make this a home for SONEs to turn to when they’re bored, sad, in need of their Soshi drug, etc. I hope to see it grow and venture out of just writing posts and doing podcasts. I want to take over Asia. Naw jk but really (: Now of course, none of this would have happened had it not been for this amazing team I have backing me up every single second of every single day. It’s one of those bonds that’s… indescribable and unique to SNSDKorean. So thank you guys, each and every one of you. Whether you’re from the past, present, or even the future..you have and will continue to make a huge impact on this site. And to those that stayed up late and helped with subbing, I can’t thank you enough.

And I wouldn’t be here writing this post had it not been for the commenters and readers! You all are the best, your support is what makes our job so much more fun. We appreciate the support you’ve given us whether it be a day, a week, a month, or even three years! Please, if there’s anything you’d like to see happen with the blog or anything that needs to be changed, share your opinion with us. We love constructive criticism!

Lastly, we hope you all enjoyed the prize giveaway as much as we did. We hope that showed just how much we appreciate you guys. Please continue commenting, supporting, and helping us improve along the way.