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There’s a new team on the block, yo.

3.5 years late, but here it is – a karaoke style hardsubbed version of Into The New World.


We realize that the video player on our website might not center the video in fullscreen if it’s not in widescreen format, but we’re looking into this issue and hopefully will get it fixed soon. The original ITNW is NOT widescreen, and we kept its appropriate aspect ratio so the girls aren’t squished. Please download the video for the full HQ goodness on your computer!

And yes, snsdkorean now has its own subbing crew! We are a hybrid team consisting of our current writers and our 2 latest subbing additions – Janeberryblue and JaeCee. Please look forward to our releases in the (very) near future.

Please see the ‘SK Subs’ menu at the top for more information, requests, and releases. (Video posts will still be posted and show up on the main page, but will appear in this tab on their own as well).

Oh and if you can time or translate, we’re hiring! Apply here.

cr; SKsubs.
Translations: Janeberryblue
Karaoke Timing/Timing: MintChoc
Karaoke Effects/Encoding: JaeCee