On February 28th at 7pm at the Seoul Olympic Park, the 2nd Korea Republic Seoul Cultural Art Awards will be held, organized by the Seoul Cultural Arts Center. The purpose of this award show is to introduce the audience to Korean culture and provide many different cultural performances.

A total of 11 awards will be presented that night to those that have contributed to spreading the awareness of Korean culture through music, television broadcasts, etc.

And of course when it comes to spreading Korean culture, you got to award the girl group that started the Gee fever, the hacky sack dance, and so on and so forth. SNSD will be given the Pop Music Award for their Oh! album! Once again, congratulations ladies. Their boss, Lee Sooman, will also be given the Pop Music Producer’s Award. This is a win-win situation for SME.

The other 9 awards went to:

Special Award – Kim Youngjin (KBS ‘Thank you for your smile’ PD)
World Star Award – Rain
Documentary Broadcast Award – Kim Jinman, Kim Hyunchul (MBC ‘Amazon’s Tears’ PD)
Drama Scriptwriter Award – Kang Eunkyung (KBS ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’)
Drama Production Award – Lee Byunghun (MBC ‘Dong Yi’)
Movie Actor’s Award – Jon Doyeon (Movie ‘The Housemaid’)
Drama Actor’s Award – Lee Bumsoo (SBS ‘Giant’)
Film Maker’s Award – Ryu Seungwan (Movie ‘Bad Deal’)
Musical Actor’s Award – Jung Sunghwa (Musical ‘Heroes’)

Congratulations to everyone else that also received an award!

source; fanwonder.com ,mydaily.co.kr/newsis.com
written by Boss Lady