The list of 2010’s best selling albums was recently released and SNSD took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place! The girls were the only female artists to place in the top 5 (I mean they did basically take more than half the spots!)

Gaon Chart, South Korea’s official music chart run by the Korea Music Content Industry Association, was the company that released the list so you know this is all legit.

As you can see, “Oh” came in second place selling 197,934 copies, Hoot came in third with 163,066, and then Run Devil Run’s Repackaged album came in fourth with 136,851 copies. SME dominated the first four spots with GD&Top coming in at fifth. Congrats to all the singers!

Other SNSD albums that made the list that isn’t shown above are The First Asia Concert Tour: Into the New World at 29th place, selling 44,999 copies. Gee came in at 48th place selling 31,087 (despite the fact that this was released in 2009). Genie came in at 49th place selling 29,968 copies, Baby Baby at 54th with 27,154 copies, and “Girls’ Generation” at 61st selling 24,802 copies. It’s amazing these albums even made the list since they were released quite a long time ago. More power to the girls!

Gaon also had other charts where the girls placed on. First there was the Top 100 Online Chart where Oh! came in at 5th, Hoot at 10th, RDR at 25th, and then Taeyeon’s duet with The One “Like a Star” came in at 53. Then there was the download chart where Oh! was at second, RDR 26th, Hoot at 28th, and the amajjing ballad Starx3 at 99th. For streaming only, Oh! was 4th, RDR 22nd, and lastly Hoot 31td.

Damn. Just grabbing spots everywhere these girls. It’s only going to get better!

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written by Boss Lady@snsdkorean.com