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[UPDATE] Recent tweet from Arden to Soshified:


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Korean American and Texas native, singer/model/actress Arden Cho, tweeted her birthday wishes to Sooyoung yesterday:


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After Soshified relayed this news on twitter, Arden sent them a thank you reply and also informed them that she had asked Sooyoung to create a twitter account of her own.


Hrmm… Will she or won’t she?

And because Choi Sooyoung was a trending topic yesterday, Arden continued to spread the Sooyoungie love by tweeting some pictures:


A SONE also asked Arden to describe Sooyong as a friend and she replied:


Source: spiceshoe@soshified

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidbit: Arden Cho working with my favorite dudes on YouTube [Warning: contains some language]