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For the Lunar New Years, the girls have been given a 3-day break that they so deserve.


Are you wondering what some of the members are up to?

For SNSD, who have been hectically traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan for their promotional activities, having three days to rest is like a dream. All nine members of SNSD do not have any planned schedules and will spend the 3 day vacation together with their families. Since, last year, Tiffany went back to the United States, this year she will spend the holiday in Seoul with her family who have come from California.

Translations credit: theparkus@Soshified

Tiffany seems to be spending time with both her family and her SOSHI family in Korea.

Tiffany is spending the lunar new year holiday with her family in Seoul


A MBC staff bumped into Tiffany and other SNSD members this morning at a 24/7 restaurant

– Yoongislove@Twitter

Sooyoung, on the other hand, seems to be in Japan because recently, her sister, Choi Soojin, tweeted that she was flying to Japan to meet up with her and a couple days later, tweeted with a picture of the 2 of them eating at a Japanese restaurant.

On another note, before the girls went on break, they recorded a message, wishing everyone, “Happy Lunar New Years”.

I too want to wish everyone on behalf of our SKE staffs, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Hope everyone is safe and spending time with their family and loved ones.

& just a bonus, a picture of the members backstage at the Intel Core Conference:

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