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Don’t get too excited just yet as rumours are just rumours, and SM have already released a statement clarifying the situation. Recently, rumours have started to arise that SNSD might soon be starring in their own Japanese drama; one based losely on a manga (Japanese comic) with each member starring as the main character in different episodes. The drama is said to be planned for airing in Japan in late 2011 and later in Korea.

On these rumours, an SM Official stated;

“We’ve gotten many calls about all nine members being main characters for a drama. We haven’t refused it, but we don’t have time to film dramas right now. We can’t take a large amount of time off of their schedules to do drama filming, so it’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

While it seems like a drama won’t be happening anytime soon for the girls, I sure hope they do get to act all together someday as their sunbaes DBSK, Super Junior, and their buddies Kara have had similar opportunities. And for those who have seen our girls in their drama/movie/sitcom roles or in Horror Movie Factory, you’d know that our girls are actually mighty decent actresses! 😀

…You know, if they DID have a Japanese drama, I’d prefer it not to be one of those typical high school popular kid ones…I think SNSD would fit well with a yakuza (Japanese mafia) drama.

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