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+ Added more fancams (includes Gee, Genie, Oh!, dance battle, etc.)

+ Added more fancams (includes Run Devil Run, Hoot, & Kissing You)

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+ Added more related vids

+ Added more fancams (HD genie & maknae’s duet)

+ Added more fancams (finally an HD one!)

+ Added more related vids

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+ Added info, recorded audio clips, fancams of before the concert, & pictures of the gymnasium.

A couple of hours ago, the ‘SM TOWN 2011 LIVE  IN TOKYO’ concert, the first one that is, kicked off. If you recall from an earlier post, there are suppose to be two concerts, one on the 25th and another one on the 26th.

With thousands of fans competing for the tickets to attend, I’m pretty sure the concert today was a success. Don’t you think?

The seats in the National Yoyogi Gymnasium were literally packed.

Perhaps it could be the success or the fact that lots of fans weren’t able to get their tickets for the January 25th and 26th concerts, but according to Yurui912@Twitter,

【 Girls’ Generation 】SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO will be held at Tokyo Dorm on April 9th, 10th again!

Tokyo Dome. 4/9~10. Ticket – application period 1/28~2/18 (lottery system). 12,800yen : http://portal.tickebo.jp/pc/201012-01_smtown/

so those who weren’t able to attend the 25th’s and 26th’s, you can still have a chance to see the SM family and the girls later this year!

At the moment though, only a few goodies from the concert have surfaced from the January 25th concert.

The girls were said to have performed 7 songs in total:

Run Devil Run (Japanese version)
Genie (Japanese version)
Way to go
Kissing you
Gee (Japanese version)

In addition,

  • Jessica and her sister, Krystal, performed ‘Tik Tok’
  • Seohyun and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun performed a duet, ‘Call With All My Heart’
  • Some of the girls participated in the dance battle


[Fanaccount #1]

this one is funny

When I looked through my opera glasses Yuri was roaring with laughter, Taeyeon looked blankly in front of her and Yoona and Sooyoung were talking to each other as close friends.

cr: キム マリナ at mixi & bekkychan for translation
[Fanaccount #2]

My seat was on the first floor on the northern side but Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon came really close to us. 

They sang the Japanese version of Run devil Run

There was no self-introduction but the girls passed through the audience on stage.

Everybody  was really cute. On top of them singing and dancing perfectly their  style was also good. Their personality was awesome and I came to like  them even more.

(This girl is a Tiffany fan so she talked about Fany more)
1. During “Kissing You”, Tiffany talked in Japanese asking, “Do you guys know this song?” which got the audience to go wild.
2.During the last greetings she threw confetti that was in front of her to the audience

And also she had a smile of angel.

Fitting their outfits, Fany and Jessica’s hairdo was changed.


[Fanaccount #3]

I was surprised by how skinny soshi is especially Sooyoung. Their legs are long. The Japanese version of RDR is really cool. 

In  the entire concert hall the rate of DBSK fans was high (I’m also one of  them) , so in my surroundings there were almost no encouraging  shouts/chants for soshi. I’m a Yuri fan and during the last song there  was a group of guys near me that were screaming, one of them screamed  ‘Yuri’ while waving his Yuri fan. She laughed and pointed at him and she  even waved at him. I noticed there were a lot of male fans at SMTown.

I  didn’t cool down yet from yesterday’s excitement. My seat was close to  the passage on stage, so I could see snsd up close. My thoughts were  that Yoona and Sooyoung were really skinny. When my favorite Tiffany  turned towards me I was moved and almost cried. Personally my favorite  was the collaboration between Krystal and Jessica. Jessica sang Tik Tok  while wearing pink fluffy fur clothes and had curly hair.
It was really the best live!


[[Fanaccount #4]

While  Shinee was singing Sooyoung was looking at them from the side of the  stage. She was making small gestures and imitating them. She was doing  it with such a serious expression which was very cute. The whole time  Yoona was behind Sooyoung hugging her. 

I was in the south wing.  Tiffany, Sunny, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon came to where I was. Everybody was  so cute and I teared up. Tiffany’s smile is super cute. Hyoyeon did a  saranghae/heart pose. Taeyeon pointed at the people in front of her with  a smile.


[Fanaccount #5]

–  Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon came to my side. The person who stayed  very long was Tiffany. With her extremely cute smile she waved at the  audience. When she left she even blew a kiss. I as a Fany fan was so  happy that I almost started to cry. Hyoyeon was even thinner and cuter  than on tv. Taeyeon was as white as a fairy and a beauty. As I expected  it’s even more fantastic to see Snsd live. I noticed there were only few  chants during snsd’s performance, but it’s better not to try to notice  it and shout for them. It’s not that people near me weren’t interested,  they just didn’t know the chants. 

– On the first day, at the end  of Seohyun and Kyuhyun’s duet they held hands and gazed at each other,  but Seohyun couldn’t bare it and bursted into laughter.
On the second  day she improved. The two of them held hands and faced the front (with  their backs to the screen) Afterwards both of them kept on bowing. It  was so cute.

On the first day Sooyoung didn’t come to the north  side but at the end when they all lined up Sooyoung waved to both sides  of the arena, when I caught her attention with my fan she saw the people  on the first floor. She even did a peace sign. On the second day when  they came out for Way to go Sooyoung had her hair tied and had a  ponytail with extensions. Moreover at the end she came to the south wing  and I got to see her again. For the 2 days I sat on opposite sides but  for both days Sooyoung came to both sides at the end which made me  happy.

– I went on both days. On the second day there were so  many DBSK fans near me so it was as if I was the only one chanting in my  block and there were no soshi fans near me. On the second day Yuri was  standing right in front of me. When I showed my fan she pointed at me  cutely. She was so cute that my knees got weak. It would be good that  next time at a soshi solo concert we could chant with a sense of unity  with all soshi fans.


[[Fanaccount #6]

– aaaw there was a yoonhyun moment at smtown tokyo. after seohyun’s solo part she ran up to Yoona and hugged her haha 

– there was also a krystal-seohyun moment ^^

Credits: SNSD Mixi (Japanese Community) & Translations by: Bekkychan@twitter


Click to hear the recorded audio from the whole concert: http://soundcloud.com/lykawa/20110125-smtown-live

19:00 Jessica Krystal Tik Tok duet
59:15 Kyuhyun Seohyun duet
1:07:15 RDR (Jp), Talk, Hoot, Kissing You
1:49:30 Genie (Jp)
2:21:15 Way to Go!, Oh!
2:33:00 Dance Battle
3:18:45 Gee (Jp)
3:33:15 Ending (all SMTown)

(thank you RagingXL in the comments)

Some audio cuts found on YouTube:


(sorry some of these fancams aren’t mainly SNSD focused, but you can spot them in them)


(SNSD mainly focused at 4:12 and more of them around 7:1; i see BoShi<3 )



The official goodies from SM TOWN Live in Tokyo

Passport case:

Clear Files (9 folders enclosed in a sleeve case):

Post Cards:

‘Facebook’ enclosed in sleeve case (Different color variation compared to the first ‘Facebook’)

Desktop Calender (Japanese Version):

Wall Calendar (Japanese Version):

& since it’s relevant, fancams and pictures of the girls arriving in Haneda, Japan to prepare for ‘SM TOWN LIVE 2011 in Tokyo’.

NOTE: this post will be constantly updated when more fanaccounts, fancams, and pictures surface. When the post is edited, it will be indicated at the top so please keep checking back.

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