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Continuation of Recent Fancams & Pictures From Gayo Daejuns (Part 1).


Even though a lot of the fancams are must watches, BoShi fancams are the best. For me, it has got to be fancams of my favorite 2 (BoA and Taeyeon).

It’s too cute to think that BoA has been Taeng’s role model since she was little and in the fancam, she happens to be standing right beside her; not to mention that Taeng looks like she’s saying “Unnie….Saranghae (Unnie, I Love You)”)

[ * = highly recommended to watch ]

Fancams from 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun,

* (notice “Manager Hwang” and her scream to the fans at 0:58 before their “Run Devil Run” performance)

* (Tiffany smiling at 1:21 after hearing Sooyoung’s screaming fangirl, Pterodactyl)

* (fancam of Fany’s fanservice)

* (YuTi taking selcas on Fany’s blackberry @ 4:15)

(YuTi! Fany getting closer to listen to Yuri’s conversation on the phone at 0:15 haha)

* (YuTi singing along to SISTAR’s “Push Push” slow ver.)

(Yuri with back pain?)

* (dorky Taeng looked embarrassed when BoA turned around and saw her LOL)

* (BoShi!)

* (more BoTaeng moments!)

* (This might sound cliché, but TaeNy is so effing real! Notice how byuntae strikes again and her taking care of Fany towards the end)




BoShi from 2010’s Golden Disk Awards


* (notice at 5:37, DJ Doc gives Taeng water haha; at 6:39 and 7: 39 — BoShi!)

* (adding this just for the heck of it; I know there’s readers out there who ship IU and Taeyeon)

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