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First of all, I have to apologize to the readers. This bit of news actually took place a few days ago and my recently acquired cold/flu kept me from posting it until now. Gomen ><

Now onward to the part about Soshi being awesome!

Asia Today, a Korean news site, announced the names of individuals from the Republic of Korea who will have a postive impact on how the rest of the world views Korea in 2011. Although the original article boasts a total of 50 delegates, there are actually 58 individuals pictured in the ranking.  It’s hard to miss the nine female silhouette’s taking up almost the entire back row 🙂

So Nyuh Shi Dae are the only girl group in this elite bunch and one of two artists being honored (The other is Kolleen Park). Once again, South Korea has acknowledged the Power of 9. With voices like theirs speaking out I only forsee great improvements for the country!

Credit: fanwonder.com