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Just when you thought that SNSD have claimed all that they can from last year in terms of winning awards, topping lists and polls, they have hit back and added another sweet victory to their multitude of achievements in 2010.

On Daum’s ‘2010 Idol Voting Final – Fan Battle’ poll which ran for one week only, SNSD claimed the top spot with 114,428 votes thanks to fans (GO SONEs!). Rounding up the rest of the Top 5 are Kara, T-ara, 2NE1 and Miss A.

As you can see, our girls’ won by quite a significant number of votes so thank you SONEs for being uber supportive of them, and you already know that they will  appreciate it very much.

Credit: fanwonder.com, yoongislove@twitter (picture)

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidbit: if you replace Miss A with 4minute, you will have my Top 5 Korean girl groups.