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With so many successes in 2010, it has undoubtedly been the ‘year of Soshi‘. While there are merely 4 days left until 2011, the girls list of achievements just keep stretching longer and longer…. longer than Sooyoung’s legs.

SNSD has recently been awarded Hanteo’s Singer Award for 2010!

The chart takes into account all albums released by the artist since their debut, but counts sales made in 2010 (In this case 1st Jan – 26th Dec 2010).  While SNSD placed 2nd in 2009 behind hip-hop veteran Seo TaiJi. Selling a total of 303,442 copies this year, SNSD took home the crown while fellow SM label-mates Super Junior and SHINee placed 2nd and 3rd with 262,610 and 154,332 copies sold respectively.

Another interesting point is that alongside Soshi, fellow SM town artists completely dominated Hanteo’s best selling albums for 201o.

1. Super Junior – Bonamana (ver A) – 132,127
2. SNSD – Oh – 123,668
3. SNSD – Hoot – 94,442
4. SHINee – Lucifer (ver A) – 58,628
5. BoA – Hurricance Venus – 57,273
6. SNSD – Run Devil Run (repackaged) – 57,037

Hopefully 2011 will ‘belong’ to SNSD too ^_^

Source: Chichinhu@twitter, hanteo.com