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SNSD recorded a quick video for S.M. Entertainment’s Global Auditions recently. The auditions will take place in Korea and ONLY Korea for this round. For additional details I’d recommend checking out the official website if you’re interested. And is it just me, or did they record a lot of video greetings in that shimmery furry outfit…? >__>

(I’d go, if only to see the girls up close again. Just think, if you’re picked you become a trainee and you’ll most likely run into Soshi a lot. Then it’s just a matter of introducing yourself, making friends and before you know it your number is in their cellphones…XD Buuut I don’t see a Korean getaway happening in my future anytime soon, so I’ll just wish the lucky applicants who are able to go the best ;))

Source: S.M.E’s Official YT