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Our ladies had recorded a couple of video messages to send us their regards on this Christmas.
Go under the cut to check them out!

Firstly,a short 16 seconds clip. (Translation to be posted up once available)

Secondly,Samsung China takes you behind-the-scenes of the CF photoshoot along with the well-wishing.

All : Hello,we’re Girls’ Generation.
Sooyoung : Wow! Christmas is coming up. Upon mentioning it,what can you think of?
Tiffany : Santa Claus! Presents! Taeyeon,what gift would you like to receive?
Taeyeon : Can wishes become reality?
Tiffany : Just say it! Santa Claus would help you fulfill it.
Sooyoung : Just talk a little about it.
Taeyeon : With the recent increase of overseas activities,the amount of time spend on the planes has also followed suit.
So i wish to have something to kill the time with through playing games or adjusting schedules(?),and also a stylish,convenient and lightweight notebook.
All : Me too! Me too!
Taeyeon : What about you,Yoona? What do you want?
Yoona : Other than a notebook,i also wish to have a LED screen(?). I love watching dramas when i’m resting,so i really want it. What about you,Seohyun?
Seohyun : Majority of the students should know that in order to keep up some documents,you would need a printer.
All : Oh yes! You need a color printer.
Seohyun : We hope everyone would be able to receive your desired presents. Everyone,Merry Christmas!

In case you missed out on the photos released by Samsung China earlier on,check them out here and here.

Credits : snsdlivenew5 & SoNyeoShiDaeOfficial@Youtube
Translation : zheming@snsdkorean