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Updated with 6 latest high resolution photos.

As you can recall,our girls endorses for Samsung China a while back. And now a behind-the-scenes video,as well as a couple of HD wallpapers has been released. Check them out in the following!


Wallpapers & photos:

The interview sessions are Chinese-subbed. Since i know a bit of it,i shall try translating the girls’ words to English for you guys,as accurate as possible.

Taengoo (0:22 – 1:06):
“Hello everybody,over here it’s the shooting scene for the advertisements of Samsung IT products.”
“Hello to the fans of SNSD from China. In order to show the better side of us to you guys,we are filming an advertisement and we hope you will like the products we endorse for. We plan to carry out our activities throughout Asia,do continue to watch over us. Thanks.”

She thanked in Chinese lastly.

Yoona,Sooyoung & Seohyun (1:29 – 1:51):
“There are a variety of outfits for today’s shooting. This is the cheerleader outfit we are wearing,and the other members are wearing plain clothes to outshine their beauty.”

Yuri (2:22 – 3:05):
“Notes,dictionary and the ability to buy books. Through this little thing,you can flip over and read through a book. That’s amazing.”

Interviewer : “Do the other members like reading as well?”
Yuri : “Book? We love reading books. Seohyun & myself in particular.”

Yuri spoke in Chinese : “Hello everybody,i am Yuri,i’m happy to see you guys. I love you all.!”
She continued in Korean,“I wish to meet you guys! We will go over to China asap to show you our great performances. Please do take care of yourselves. Goodbye!”

She then said bye in Chinese.

(3:10 – 3:20):
Yoona : “I’m not tired!”
Interviewer : “What is the white board you was holding during the shooting just now?”
Yuri : “That’s a notebook meant to be created after filming.”

Jessica(3:30 – 3:53):
“Ever since i became a singer,this is the first time i ever had this hairstyle. It gives out a very cool feeling and i feel fresh.”
Interview : “You’re still holding onto that pen?”
Jessica : “This pen is meant for the imagination of holding up a LCD panel.”

Sources : Yoonyul | Soompi
Credits : circe44@Youtube
Article : zheming@snsdkorean