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Zheming : Updated with performance video.

Okay so I know this is a SNSD fansite, but to me, SNSD and Kara are like family and Christmas is a time for sharing! So let’s give some love to Kara too! This winter, our girls and Kara are busy spending time in BOTH Japan and Korea… and tonight, an early christmas treat for us: SNSD & Kara @ Music Station!

Opening Video:

Performance (Gee & Genie) :

VidCR: SNSDlivenew6 & JapanTV01 @ youtube


Soofany’s Quick End Blurb: I’m loving our new banner ^^! I’m sooo glad it’s winter break, I finally get to breathe! I’m thankful for my friends and family, my lovely peaceful city, and that fany is healthy and able to join her 8 sisters on stage again! I love how she’s speaking in Japanese 🙂 I hope she gets more chances to do so! Lastly, Happy Winter Holidays to all the awesome readers and my fellow staffers <333!