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If anyone can do it, these girls can!

Do the words ‘Japan Record Award’ mean anything to you? Well they will now 🙂 SNSD will be competing in the category of Best New Artist; they are one of four nominees who are up for the title. SNSD’s competition is comprised of Japanese artists ICONIQ and Kikuchi Madoka, as well as Japanese pop idol group S/Mileage.  Back in November we informed you of the girls’ win in the preliminary round. Now it’s time for part 2, where a final winner will be chosen. Big Bang will be in attendance as well as they are also in the running for an award.

Here’s a breakdown of how this award show works, compliments of Wikipedia. I’ve highlighted the information that pertains to SNSD:

The Japan Record Award are four awards which are not restricted by genre.

  • Japan Record Award is awarded to the performer and the production team of a single song.
  • Best Album is awarded to the performer and the production team of a full album.
  • Best Vocal Performance is awarded to the singer.
  • New Artist award automatically nominates 4 Best new artist for the ‘Best New Artist Award,’ which will select the top debuting artist from the four winners .
  • Best New Artist is awarded to a performer who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist (which may not necessarily be their first proper release).

The 52nd Japan Record Award will take place on December 30th. And if you’ve been keeping up with our posts you know that the KBS Gayo Daejun music festival also takes place on the 30th. There are high expectations for an SNSD appearance, despite their Japanese schedule earlier in the day. Looks like they’ll be rushing out of the ceremony as soon it conludes and preparing for their special stage en-route.

Let’s all wish SNSD lots of luck with both the award and their travels!

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