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Server failure, that is. SNSD is once again responsible for crashing a website due to their vast popularity. The victim this time was Gmarket, although I really don’t think they had too much of a problem with the glitch in the end. They reported excellent sales for the new 2011 SNSD calendars and explained that traffic on their site had increased significantly, resulting in the crash. It seems the calendars drew so many fans at once Gmarket couldn’t handle the rush. And this wasn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that SNSD has a hand in unscheduled downtime. But you can’t stay mad at them, right?

 Right…? (D’oh, look at that face! ><)

Hats off to you, fellow SONEs, for making it happen! And as for SNSD, well…I just wouldn’t let them get too close to any computers containing important files O.o; Forget Y2K, the real concern should be GG9!

Source: fanwonder.com