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I’m not kidding when I say this..from 0:00 to 13:16. The fan cam is of the girls performing at Lotte World for the Free Christmas Concert and there are a bunch of cute and funny moments. From Sunny singing the wrong version of lyrics to Yuri teasing the shorty to Jessica getting confused…you won’t find this fan cam boring at all.

credits; sonefancam

If you missed some of the cute moments, here are the actual times!

00:56 Jessica got scared by the fireworks and pointed at it, instead of doing trouble

03:27 Sunny got confused

03:47 Sunny and Yuri I think got stuck then laugh

10:27 Sunny started out Tiffany’s lines fine, but ended up singing Seohyun’s part, creating her own “hybrid lyrics”

10:35 Yuri look back started laughing and covered her face, then stared at sunny

10:45 Yuri ran over Sunny then pushed Yuri

10:50 Yuri pointed at Sunny “pabo”
credits to yt commenter kaythr33

SunRi lovers are probably dying right now 😀

Just some quick pictures, but a heads up I didn’t post every single one since the fancam was probably a better visual 🙂

credits; as tagged, .KwanElephant. @ soshified, Boss Lady@snsdkorean.com for re-up.