They’ve done it again! Another award added to their amazing list of feats for 2010!

BIGLOBE, one of the leading internet service providers in Japan, paired up with BIGLOBE Search and held the BIGLOBE Music Awards. The artists that were nominated for each category were selected based on how often they were being searched via the internet.

From December 3rd to 13th, BIGLOBE users were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists. Adding onto the votes, artists would be given bonus points if users accessed them through BIGLOBE. SNSD won in the best single category! Here are the comments fans made towards Soshi

(30s, male, Chiba Prefecture): “Even if you aren’t interested, the song stays in your ears.”

“It’s so CUTE!! Their dances and songs have meaning, I think they’re the best.”

“They’re popular among young people. I wish I had amazing and slender legs like them.”

“After I heard this song, I started to like SNSD!”

“Everything is cute, their choreography, lyrics and costumes☆”

(40s, female, Tokyo): “It’s quite cute♪♪”

So maybe this wasn’t as big of an award compared to GDA or Melon but it still shows how popular the girls are..in a foreign country. The girls have surely shaken things up in not only Korea but Japan as well. 🙂

Other categories included Best Artist (Perfume), Best New Artist (Jam9), and Best Album (Ikimonogakari’s “Ikimonobakari ~Members BEST Selection~”).

source; Kanki@soshified for translations