Sungha Jung, Guitar playing kid prodigy, or at least he WAS a kid.

I remember watching this kid blow my mind with his guitar skills at such a young age, and now that he’s grown a little older, he still amazes me.

Recently Sungha Jung put up a cover of Soshi’s hoot and it is magnificent, it’s a full instrumental with actual notes making up both the melody and lyrics.

If you’re unfamiliar with this kid I highly recommend you check out his work, he is simply a profound guitarist and one that has jammed and played with the truly skilled. What’s most wonderful is that he fills so many styles in his covers that you WILL find at least one song you like. It only takes him three days on average to learn and complete a cover. His highest viewed video has more than 12 MILLION views….I’ll let that sink in for a minute….12 MILLION!!!

please check out his youtube page and get lost in the amajjang!

He has a youtube page (jwcfree) and an official site

Credits: jwcfree