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Just a few hours ago,our ladies’ pre-recorded interview and performances on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ were broadcasted.
They performed to Genie & Gee,just like what they did for the recent FNS Music Festival.
Check it out as follows.

Translation of the interview under the cut.

Q: What was your 2010 like?

SooYoung : “First of all, in 2010, we made a Japan debut. We got a lot of love and support from Japanese fans. 2010 was a really meaningful year to us.
Also, we were able to conduct the first Asia tour as SNSD and meet our fans from various countries. It encouraged us very much. Thank you.”

Q : What do you want to do the next year?

TaeYeon : “We would like to conduct a concert tour in Japan so Japanese fans can enjoy our live performance.”

Credit : khunriz@Youtube
Translation : hiros2008@Twitter