Well not exactly cities for snsd..more like countries!

The girls started off in Seoul and rocked South Korea with their amazing Soshi Power. They then rocked Japan, China, Taiwan, and every other Asian country. Their next target? It’s not a country..it’s a continent.

That’s right. Europe.

Recently on Billboard.com, an article was released talking about the sucess of SNSD in Japan. The article opened up by stating “The Japanese music market may be increasingly resistant to international repertoire, but that isn’t stopping Girls’ Generation. The Korean girl group is hoping to turn huge YouTube buzz into sales in Japan and other international markets”, and moving on to talk about the girls huge success in the foreign market.From taking over charts to appearing on a load of Japanese tv shows, this article is a summary of the Power of 9. 😀

What captivated readers attention the most was the final paragraph, stating that SNSD may target Europe in 2011. How reliable is this..well no one knows so SONEs are just going to have to wait and see.

You can check out the original article here!

source; billboard.com
written by: Boss Lady@snsdkorean.com

So what do you guys think about SNSD entering the European market? Of course it’ll be difficult but how do you feel? Any thoughts?