Zheming – Added a larger,closer and clearer shot at the end of the post.


It’s going to be a ho(o)t ho(o)t one (well in where I live at least :D).

What better to stare at other than our ladies’ perfect figures enlarged on a tall building? Longer legs for the win xD. With their popularity generated over the past years, and in particular ever since Gee came out, their success has crossed beyond the borders of all nations in the world, not to mention their recent achievements in Japan and Korea. SNSD appears… Again! This time right in front of ya 😛

Within a place that contains heavy traffic flow, a HUGE picture of the girls’ has been printed on the Shibuya109 building – a famous fashion shopping centre in the Shibuya region of Tokyo, Japan – dominating over two-thirds of the cylindrical building! Now we’d expect wallets to get lighter as heaps more people are lured into impulse buying once they walk by 😛

A bit hard to see the picture and faces clearly, but here’s the order from top left to bottom right: Sunny, Yul, Tae, Hyo, Sooyoung, Yoona, Sica, Tiffany, and last but not least Seobaby.

Credits: bickyzoo@soshified
By: Annabananaz@snsdkorean