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Yes, I know this photo was from half a million years ago, but sica looks too beautiful here… *faints*

On November 28th, our girls appeared on the variety show “Nocturnal Variety”

Hyoyeon was at her charismatic best, pointing out that Onew ONLY fits 2 out of her 3 criteria for the ideal guy, the nonexistent one being humor (iunno…he can be pretty funny sometimes). Jessica IMMEDIATELY talks for Onew, saying that she’s not a very funny person either, so she’s fine without. (ba dum PSH) <– that was a rim shot

Adding to that, she reminded everyone that they have had a duet together, and she loves a guy that can sing. (gotta go work on my singing skills asap).

Obviously at that they were immediately asked to do an on-the-spot acapella version of their hit single “One Year Later”, during which they noted afterwards that she had her eyes on Onew the entire time during the performance (awwwwwwwwwwwwww)

Her response? “Well I see him everyday, I should be able to look at him at the eye” (not very smooth jessica…)


Credits to: jujugal718@youtube for subbing/upload

Written by: SilentArchangel@snsdkorean