Somewhere in a country we all envy as Korea, there resides a San Diego born girl working/studying as a teacher.
And she just hit the age of 23…OLD!!!! XD
jsut kidding….
but no..seriously…..old….:P

Our very own head of podcasting (nominated by me) has been with us to help out with hosting (which to my happiness has made the job easier) and also the odd post here and there. Not to mention she is our resident in South Korea who will one day get us exclusive access to all thing soshi related XD.
The hyoyeon lover who doesn’t hold back her words, and totally clicks with the boss lady (so don’t piss her off or she can get boss lady to make you disappear 0_0), she is credited with making the intro and outro of our podcast episodes on her own and mostly does the editing of the shows when she can. This snsd-loving, starcraft playing, music editing DJ is an absolute asset to our blog and has helped the podcasting segment climb to a level that I wouldn’t of been able to get if boss lady made me do all the work. She is our inside ears for getting closer to Soshi and we lvoe her for her contributions to the blog.
I for one will be jumping on a plane to Korea as soon as she becomes buddy buddy with Tiffany. XD
Happy birthday Mae, keep doin what ur doin! and seriously, buy fruit from that ahjusshi and start chucking them at him, it’s the only way to get him to stop.

Ruraldaze: hey mae! Hope you’re having a good time in South Korea. go drink soju or torture your students 😛 I’m sure you’re already drinking as this is posted. Do us all a favour and take a picture of yourself eating a Goobne drumstick like Seobaby did. Last but not least, happy birthday!
Silentarchangel: You lucky…lucky…freaking girl, why do you get to be at the center of action while the other staffers slave away far far away? Regardless, our podcasts just aren’t the same without you, and I hope you have the time of your life with some hot korean guy (or girl) on this special day of yours xD
Procrastinatoress: Mae Mae Mae~Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best. You’re an awesome writer so hope to keep seeing more from you haha. Have a great one ^^
Greeentee: Sup Mae! Thanks for taking care of our podcasts and bringing livelihood to the team. You’re a fun person to be around, although I wish that was geographically, because it would mean me being in Korea! I hope trot-playing-veggie-selling ahjusshi doesn’t annoy you too much, but if you’re really finding him to be a bother.. just open up your own shop and outsell him. At the very least, your music will draw more customers ryte? (zerg rushing him early in the morning with your 2nd graders is also an alternative…) Anyways, I hope you have a very happy birthday, and when or if I see you in Korea or LA or Antarctica, we shall grab a drink, hop fences, and climb mountains (or whatever it is you like to do on a casual day).

annabananaz: Heyyy Mae 😛 ! Happy Birthday Girl !! May all the best be with you 😀

zheming:Happy birthday Mae! I don’t really know you well but i respect you for you are one of the senior staffers here.Hope to get to know you better in the future.Last but not least,enjoy this special day of yours!

Herr0: DANG YOU’RE OLD! you don’t have that much time left! hah im kidding of course 😀 Thanks so much for your expertise in the podcasts and your updates from Creah. Hopefully the tae-glasses thing works out! Have LOTS of yummy goobne and take advantage of the no-tips system while you’re still in Korea. Learn some trot and sing along to that old man outside your window 😀

Boss Lady: HAPPY BIRFFDAY DEAR ❤ I can’t get over the stupid webcam sessions we had when you first arrived in Korea. I laughed at the site of the blanket over your head even though it was like…a million degrees outside 😀 I’m so jeal you’re over there, make the best of it! Get trashed you already did actually. Thanks for handling all these podcasts sessions for us, none of this would’ve worked without you and Dread’s amajjingness. Next time though, you gotta rep some aegyo for us ❤ Hope all is well and I hope you have a lovely day!

Anna (Soofany): Happy Birthday Mae!!! IGNORE ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE CALL YOU OLD, they’re just YOUNG! I haven’t gotten to know you that well but hopefully we can get to know each other better through our staff page or twitter (I’m AnnaLights)! And yes, we’re all  jealous of you…. WE WANT TO BE IN KOREA!

Ferrerorocher9: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAE (; (even though I said this twice already haha)! I hope you have an awesome 23th birthday & your wishes to come true. Don’t get wasted :]

Happy happy happy birthday DJ MAE!