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I got bored.

Motorola Droid/Milestone + Launcher Pro + Beautiful Widgets
Taken in low-light conditions with matte screen protector on. =S

You might notice some of my laziness in the edges if you’re kinda OCD/semi-perfectionist like me, but it shouldn’t be noticeable on the phone. ^^ Wallpapers modified from Samsung promotional images as well as Official Hoot releases. Click on the resolution for android to see the list of phones if you’re not sure which size is best suited. I thought I might as well make them to iPhone dimensions too, but not sure how they’ll turn out~

No visible watermarks present, but please credit greeentee or snsdkorean if taking out.

Android: 960 x 854 – Droid/Milestone, X10

Android: 960 x 800 – Pretty much every other high-end handset

iPhone 4: 640 x 960

iPhone 3/3G/3GS: 320×480

cr; greeentee@snsdkorean