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Not-really-a-massive-star-but-more-or-less-known actor Lee Jong-Seok recently mentioned SNSD‘s Hyoyeon and Yoona during an interview. Despite being an actor who is currently starring in “Secret Garden“, he at one point was training to be an idol and therefore knows quite a few idols.

In the interview, he mentions both a favourite past time of Hyoyeon’s and one of Yoona’s prankster habits;(non-SNSD related parts emitted, but he’s also a friend of Ze:A’s Kwanghee)

“I met Hyo first through a close hyung (older male friend) when SNSD just made their debut. I then got to know Yoong through Hyoyeonnie.”

Q: What does Lee Jongseok do when meeting up with SNSD friends…?

“Like everybody else. We go to a cafe to drink coffee and chit chat. We also go to board game rooms. In Hyoyeonnie’s case, she likes to walk, so I walk with her often wearing our caps really low.”

In Yoong’s case, she is more of a prankster then he thought. He has been frustrated before because she is quite different from the clean image that she appears on TV.

“When I would call Hyoyeonnie, suddenly someone else would pick up the phone. Yoong would imitate Jun Won-Joo-sunsaengnim and play around. At first, I was duped and it was embarrassing, but nowadays, it’s ok.”

translation cr; yoongislove@twitter/yoonaddict.com, maraquinn@ssf

Haha, of course he’s lucky to be a friend of SNSD members, but if his two friends happen to be the two panksters of SNSD, he’s probably going to have a hard time…

Here’s an older picture of Hyoyeon and Lee Jongseok, as well as another of Hyo’s friends, Ki Jun. Thank you Maraquinn@SSF for digging it up.

Oh, and Jun Won-joo is a well known older actress in Korea who has acted in many dramas. Maybe Yoona will imitate her on a broadcast someday? ^^ But anyhow, it is good to see that the girls are still in contact with friends outside their idol circle.

article; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean
source; yoongislove@twitter/yoonaddict.com, maraquinn@ssf, soompi, NATE