Continuing their Hoot promotion,the ladies performed on today’s Music Core with a whole new outfits!
The stage was pink and it’s a pity Tiffany couldn’t be there.
Check out the performance as follows. (Click on the Youtube button on the video)

Go under the cut for the fan account!
And go under the cut for some taeny love! (-Soofany)

Music Core recording ended..!!
Today’s outfit is something very shiny
I don’t know how to explain…. kekekekekekeke

Someone said they miss Tiffany so Sunny unnie said “me too me too!”

While cheering the music suddenly stopped so Taeyeon unnie said “we wanted to warm up our throats”
She has lots of sense kekekekkee

Someone said “Jessica is pretty!”
So Jessica really laughed like “heh heh”

Yuri and Sooyoung kept practicing the choreography kekeke

Taeyeon unnie was squating down behind Sunny and checked her ear piece.
Taeyeon fixed Sooyoung’s hair.
Sooyoung fixed Seohyun’s ear piece.
Seohyun fixed Sunny’s hair.

SNSD is really real.
They see each other all the time but say they miss each other and fix each other

Credit : CrazyCarrot270@Youtube
Translation : KissMez@Twitter


cr: iwanttodreamwithyouforever@soompi,  taeyeontiffanytaeny@tumblr,snsdsexualfrustration@tumblr