This is a recently translated fan account from an older fansigning, and definitely one of the most touching ones so far~

… so I lined up overnight to get in and in front of me were some younger fans~ I overheard them talking and there seemed to be one girl who was a fan of another group, she must have just come along because of her friends~

Then when the fan signing started she told Sunny
“Unnie to be honest I don’t like you unnie ok?! I am a fan of the group XX~” she went on saying that she was just there against her will;; So it didn’t feel good watching that but Sunny didn’t even show a hint of being upset Sunny smiled and held the girl’s hand and said
“Aigoo~ It’s so hot today it was tough for you to come here today~ We’ll do our best~”

Then the girl kept being cynical then Sunny said “Maybe can I give you a hug then would you be my fan? Aigoo~ hehehehe But your oppas could get disappointed if that happened so please continue to love and support your oppas!!”
Sunny joked around affectionately like that and keke suddenly the girl started crying kekeke she must have felt so sorry, her friends then apologized Unnie we are so sorry and they quickly left.
Then Sunny took out the tissues from under the table and gave it to her manager and told him to hurry up follow and take care of those girls~

So we were watching all this from below and Sunny continued to look around with a worried expression… the manager came back later and talked to Sunny and Sunny was smiling and punched and told him “You should have helped them to the subway station like I asked you~”
Although Sunny was not my favorite member I was looking at her all day that day keke it was fascinating and touching…

translation; silis7noy2

It was probably a bit heartwrenching to be told such things in person, but Sunny’s response to the situation reminds us why we dote on the girls so much. (Actions speak louder than words after all).

Besides, the shortest member got her revenge – Lee Soonkyu practically dropped a love bomb on the poor kid and annexed her heart as soshi territory; the girl never saw it coming nor stood a chance. What better way to retaliate than to convert people into sones? XD

Eww it’s a big girl group -> Must find things to dislike -> Find 9x more things to like -> …when did I become so ghey?

Anyways, I will end this post with an older quote by Sunny(?), which I think is very fitting:

“We will become a SNSD that is beautiful both inside and out.”